Some clicks on links not counted ?


Sorry if my question has been already answered here, but I haven't found where, so here it is :

I have sent my first campaign, and I'm surprised by something. Let me say, before you think I'm a dummy newbe, that I know about the usual percentages of readed emails and all this stuff. But I'm surprised. I have sent my campaign to few people (250), very concerned by this campaign. So I'm sure I'll have better click rate than a common campaign. But no. I have for example (at this time) 71 opened and only 24 clicked ! My worry is about this differrence. I have looked into the opened list, and I know that some people who have opened the message JUST CAN'T have closed it whithout click on the link inside. So here my real question :

It's said something in the Help that a message can be readed whithout been counted as readed (because of plain text, transparent image system, etc)... Is it possible that a link was clicked whithout has been counted as clicked ?

Any sunny answer is welcome :)
Thanks in advance and sorry for my english (I don't know if I'll kill my answer rate saying that, but I'm french ;))


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