Should we bother to send to hotmail accounts?

Hello All.

We currently have around 15-20 clients sending out emails or using us to send out emails on their behalf using CM. We've used CM for a large number of years, and sent countless emails, without much hastle.

We are in a position where a client has sent an email... and is receiving a large number of spam complaints... however all and i mean all complaints have come from hotmail... does anyone else think its way to easy for people to mark email as junk.... which is what i assume counts as spam under CM.

It does bug me that language used in hotmail, indicates junking an email, rather than marking it as spam... i genuinely feel that the word "JUNK" means bin, rather than spam.

Has anyone else made the decision to stop sending to hotmail accounts as a rule? I would be interested to know.

Id also be interested to know what rules and conditions resellers have in place when sending out, IF a campaign gets you blocked? Financial compensation? Curious.


Mitch, 8 years ago

Interesting question. I've noticed that well over 95% of the few spam complaints we get are from Hotmail.

We have seen some reduction now that we've refreshed the template to highlight the unsubscribe details up the top though, but as you say, whenever there is a spam report it's almost always Hotmail.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

You will nearly always see more complaints from Hotmail than anywhere else, purely because Hotmail is one of the largest email providers in the world, and also has the feedback loop option that lets us integrate complaints right into your reports.

Many other major email providers don't have that feature, so we can't directly let you know about the complaints. So you would likely also be seeing complaints from other providers if they made them available.

Definitely there are some people who'll just hit the spam button out of confusion or laziness, but everybody is in the same boat, so getting a lot of complaints (more than a few) is a sign that something is going wrong, whether your design is unclear or permission is out-dated etc.

It's a good opportunity to look for ways to make your email more valuable.

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