When a client's credits run out... let THEM pay at a marked-up rate.

Yo dudes,

Good work as always. Love the recent addition to bulk manage client templates in the api.

Here's another one for you:

If I want to allocate X amount of credits to a client, I currently have 2 options for when the client's credits run out:

1. Allow them to send using my payment info.
2. Don't allow them to send until I allocate more credits.

What would really be fantastic is if there was a 3rd option that said:

3. Allow them to send at a marked-up rate using their own payment info.

This would allow re-sellers to provide packages offering X amount of credits, without worrying about how to take care of the client once they run out.

As a workaround, is there a way to purchase credits through the api, then allocate those credits to a client through the api as well? If so, the client could pay us for credits, then we could purchase credits directly through CM, followed by the appropriate allocation... or something.

Anyone else think something like this would be useful?

Thanks!!! -Brad

Blake, 8 years ago

Hi Brad,

I'm afraid there's no real way to do something like this at the moment.

That said, we're currently looking at ways to improve this process for both you and your clients, and we appreciate the suggestion and feedback.

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