Users subscribe to newsletter can also send 'Comment' to Client. How?

I have a client who is just getting started with a monthly e-newsletter campaign. Currently on his site, users can leave him a comment AND subscribe to his newsletter in the same form action. That action just sends my client a basic email of the comment and a request for the sender to be added to his mailing list. With Campaign Monitor, what is the best, most client-convenient way to get comments (and the email address of the commentor) to him, while having Campaign monitor handle the e-newsletter subscriptions?

Form approaches I've considered:
1. 2-step form (Comment, then subscribe), but of course I'd rather not have 2 step forms;
2. CM  API to web page with custom field of 'comments', but I'm on a deadline and I know NOTHING about the API... Maybe in a few months this would be feasible);
3. .js to add two actions to one form... trying not to do this, or at least have a workaround for the non-js users.

Anyone have any clever ideas? Am I sol?
Many many thanks!

DavidMartin, 8 years ago

Hey Andrew,

Another option might be to use the AJAX subscription form plugin found here:

You'd have to modify it a bit, but when you pass the form details to proxy.php, you could just use php's mail() function to send a copy of the form details to your client.

Hope this helps.

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