Admin area translation.

Hello to all,

first I have to thank you guys from "freshview" for this very, very interesting application - Campaign Monitor I have on my mind of course :-)

I have just one question - what about translating the Admin area for my customers to another language than English ... is it possible?

You know for me is English not problem (not a big problem ;-) but a lot of my clients don´t know the English very well so I would like to translate it for them but I don´t know if it is possible.

Hope you understand my problem and can give me some solution.

I wish you all the best.

Jaroslav Holy from the heart of the Europe - Czech republic.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Jaroslav,

Unfortunately Client Report Access is only available in English right now sorry.  We'd love to offer multilingual versions in the future, but at this stage it's English only I'm afraid. I've added your request to the different languages customers have asked to be supported to date in our request tracking system.

dpoint, 9 years ago

Hi Dave,

thank you for your fast reply and I hope the multilingual version will be as soon as possible ;-)

Don´t forget on Czech language or I think it could be better - the possibilty that we can change the Admin area texts as we want.

Anyway thank you again for this exellent application.


joeph, 9 years ago


Any news on the admin translation to other languages?
I would really like to offer your excellent product but since it is not in our language, I am afraid it is a show stopper!

Cheers, Joep

lembit lembit, 8 years ago


Since this seems to be the only dedicated thread to topic, I add my 2 cents. Possibility to translate the admin area would be a major benefit. Don't go with supporting several languages yourself, hand it over to us, your users. If I could offer rebranded AND translated CM on my home market, it would be a instant hit in the SM sector where language barrier is way higher than among larger companies.

Thank you for an outstanding product,

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Just to keep you updated, multi lingual application interface is not in our plans at the moment. It would be a huge job (the actual translation is only a small part of that), and given our time and staff resources, we can't prioritise that over adding new features and making updates and improvements.

We do appreciate your feedback though.

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edoardoz, 8 years ago


would be fine if customers could contribute with a translation. Maybe we can receive and update a internationalization text file, saving your and our time. Isn't?


gene_x, 8 years ago


I agree with edoardoz and I'm ready to help in portuguese br translation.

best regards.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the offers, but again, I just want to be clear that it is not something we are planning to add to Campaign Monitor.

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samuel02, 8 years ago

I want to raise one more hand for multiple languages! Personally I would prefer Swedish!

creators, 7 years ago

Is it that you believe translating CM won't be profitable?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It is more about how much time it will take away from doing other things, both for initially implementing it and for maintaining and building things in the future.

We're a small team with lots and lots of other things to work on at the moment.

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maxmedeiros, 7 years ago

This is really an obstacle for many to adopt the tool. If you choose to start the hard work of implement versions in other languages, I offer myself as a volunteer to help to translate into portuguese / br.

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