Workarounds when IT refuses to add DNS records?

HI, we have a client whose IT department flat out refuses to put the DNS records on their site.  No amount of reassurance that this will not interfere with their internal email or that their site will not get blacklisted seems to help.

Anyone have ideas for a workaround?  We were thinking of suggesting setting up a single-page website for them (ie, instead of, email would come from with a separate domain and hosting.  All of their campaigns are to existing customers, so the subscriber list shouldn't be an issue.

I realize they will incur some additional hosting costs, but are there any other drawbacks to doing it this way? Any input is appreciated!

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi ChristyL,

Your workaround would work, the only drawback could be that the recipients could potentially not recognize or trust the new sending email address, you could see an increase in spam complaints or emails ending up in junk mail folders since the new email may not on the 'safe sender' list.

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