sending email tests, which say have been despatched and they haven't

Hi there,

As is often the case, when I am testing an email before sending out as a campaign, after I send 2 or 3 in close succession, the system seems to stop sending test emails, even though it says it has been sent.

I wonder if this is a ploy by the guys to stop people sending out campaigns to 1-5 people at a time. If this is the case, then I understand the rationale, but it is very frustrating as it stops your ability to change and test quickly.

Does anyone know the answer?



Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey Chris,

I think we replied to this via support already but let me know if you're still waiting for an answer.

For everyone else, we're definitely still sending out the tests, eventually we might cut you off but only for numbers far far far outside of normal testing (to prevent spamming). In cases like this it's generally that the email is being flagged as spam or delayed on the incoming server. Possibly because so many similar emails have been received already it starts to look suspicious. So we'd recommend talking to your mail admin.

D. Potter
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