URGENT!! Under 500 in list and not working! WHY??

I have a client that is attempting to send a campaign with 480 contact in her list and she is furious with me because she has been hit with the...

Please note: Your account has not been approved for a campaign of this size....

Why is this happening when she is under the 500 mark?



Jarrod Jarrod, 8 years ago

Hi Ozmo,

I have just replied to your support ticket, but to reiterate - our small campaign sending limit is not actually 500 subscribers - it is a figure that we do not publish.


ozmo ozmo, 8 years ago

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Can I assume that I would be safe to tell clients 400 recipients is the limit before approval is required?


Cup of tea for the big fella?
Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It is really best not to give people a specific number, because unfortunately people do try to avoid the approval process. It is best to let them know they may need to answer some questions once they send to a few hundred, and to have detailed answers about permission ready to go.

If they do that, the delay will be pretty small if it does have to happen.

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