Save as draft? Problem sending email?

I've downloaded the template and revised, reuploaded the template and zip successfully. It looks great.BUT Do I have to keep reuploading the template for revisions or can I revise online? Why can't I seem to save the draft, must I keep reuploading just to change minor text? And I still haven't figured out how to upload my CSV file or add my 300 contacts.

Also, is there any way to just send one email initially to make sure it sends okay without having to go through the run check?

This doesn't seem very intuitive to me. Can someone help me? Thanks.. Dianne

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Hi Diane,

It sounds like you're not making use of the template facilities, as they are designed for uploading, which are then worked upon via Campaign Monitor. Things like your <$title$> and <$description$> etc are editable regions where you can change copy.

So next steps for you are to create your template, upload the files (only once) and then create an email and assign the template you've created to your campaign. From here you'll be able to make all necessary changes.

Hope this helps a little. - Everything Email.
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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

The excellent answer above makes the main point, that the online WYSIWYG editor is what you want to use. In the template you download you have the two different HTML files, one for "this is my complete page, I want to send it" and one for "this is a template, I want to login to add content and send over and over".

You can send yourself a test of either type when you are creating the campaign, before you have to pay for it.

You can upload your subscribers under 'manage subscribers' into any of your existing lists. There is also a 'create a new list' function if you need to setup a new one, then you can import into that too.

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mediagirly, 8 years ago

Uhmm.. I've already downloaded the first template, revised and reuploaded. The goal was to upload my template and also work the Campaign Monitor wysiwyg instead of my dreamweaver, but I still can't find the wysiwyg on campaign monitor, which is why i downloaded to my local computer in the first place... I've already worked my tags, and the email is nearly complete.

To send myself an email before I buy, do I just "preview" html? When I click that, it says that an email has been sent, but I haven't received anything.

I had thought once I uploaded the template that I'd just be able to preview and send. I sign in, it goes to create/send, wants me to enter a location to import, which i did, successfully. I browsed to html page, but it keeps saying i didn't add a template. It's like an endless loop.

Sorry to be such a noob.  Thanks.. Dee

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Hi Dee,

Looks like you need to take a step back here, which I'm sure you won't mind me explaining. Don't worry though, we were all noobs at some stage!

1) Login to your account
2) Click into the designated 'Client' you've created
3) Click the tab (top right) 'Templates'
4) Click 'Add your first template'
5) Upload as usual (adding a screenshot is reccomended)
6) Click the 'Overview' tab (top left)
7) Click on 'Create Campaign' (top right)
8) Create your campaign in Step 1. Click next.
9) Choose your template from Step 2.
10) Click on the 'Edit' button to star using the WYSIWYG editor.

Then you're in - shazam!

This should definately help (and save you some time Matthew! :P) - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre
mediagirly, 8 years ago

Okay this has been maddening, but the problem seems that I was uploading the template-basic instead of the template with editor tag.....

Now, the problem is that there's no option to change the top logo? Can I replace that with an image? Why can't I modify the ending salutation where everything says abc widgets. Does that get replaced with the title of the campaign automatically when it's published?

With the exception of a very few fields, I can't edit anything. Is that typical? It says "In this issue - enter title here" and then you can't input anything, the editor doesn't come up. I can input text in like three fields... This makes CMS and dreamweaver seem easy LOL.

Why is so impossible to upload my template that I've modified in Dreamweaver. It was perfect already...d.

Hopefully this question makes sense... thanks, ... Dee

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Dee,

Like Mat explained, there's two ways to create HTML campaigns in Campaign Monitor. Either importing a template that you add content to in the WYSIWYG editor, or importing a finished campaign, including content, that's ready to send.

If you import a template, the header, permission reminder, etc. should be hard coded in the template. The rest can be added in the editor. Don't worry about the table of contents ("in this issue") though, that should update automatically based on the content you add.

If you'd rather like to import a finished campaign, just select "HTML and plain text" in step 2.1. From there, you can import the HTML and a zip file with the images, etc.

If you have any more trouble, just email us your files, and we'll have a look.


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