Client Credit Card Error

The second time in a row, I have a client who is trying to pay before sending a campaign, and getting the following error message: Declined (12)

After conferring with her, it appears she uses a MasterCard debit card tied to her business account for all other online purchases.  When she uses another credit card, it goes right through.  The problem I'm having is sussing out for her the difference between a credit card and debit card, since I myself can't see why these are being denied at the processor level.  Is there any more detail on an error 12?  And is this something that should even return an error?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

That error is what the bank is returning to us basically, and one of the causes is in fact that the bank is not accepting a debit card for that transaction.

It is up to the bank to allow or deny it, and we have heard of this type of thing before, where for particular transactions only a credit card is allowed. Her bank would be the best people to talk to about that I'm afraid.

From our end, we can only submit the request for a transaction like we do for every payment.

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amygail, 8 years ago

I'm also experiencing credit card issues (Visa debit)
We've used this account before with no problem. Now we're getting "1. Declined"
We've contacted the bank and they don't have any records that the payment has been attempted  - let alone declined.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Unfortunately from our side, we really don't get any more information, and we do often find that banks are not great with being able to tell you why their system is rejecting it.

Many times they will say "we're not seeing that at all!" when we know for sure their system is declining it. It can be that they have multiple levels, and it isn't getting to the level they can see because it is already declined there.

If you call back and explain further they can often actually find our more. Very frustrating we agree!

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lafonderie, 7 years ago

I get this problem too, and my bank always tell me there is no problem with my card… it's very frustrating!

zanthony, 7 years ago

I've experienced this problem too and have got a workaround in place whereby my personal Amex is charged and I then claim it back from the company. It works but its a bit of a pain.

When I first encountered this Campaign Monitor support was extremely helpful in going through it all with me, looking into the iussue and ultimately helping me to understand that the bank is the problem and there's not much that can be done about it.

Given banks are rubbish and unlikely to change in the near future is there anything relatively simple that CM could do, or perhaps something in the works for the future that would indirectly fix the problem? Alternate payment processor/alternate payment methods (bank direct debit, PayPal/Google Checkout etc.)/a separate means of paying in larger blocks via a Visa Debit? I guess there's not much motivation for CM to make a change to the system in order to accommodate a few unlucky Visa Debit users, but its such a frustrating thing to have to deal with. I know its nothing to do with CM, but this is literally the only place that my Visa Debit won't work.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have on this CM.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are actively investigating our options already, and if we can find something that avoids these issues we'll seriously consider a change.

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