Image Align Right not working?

I'm trying to allow images in a <repeater></repeater field to align to the right.

I've tried this:

<repeater toc='true'>
    <h2 class="h2"><$title link='true' default='Enter Title Here'$></h2>
      <img src="<$imagesrc link='true'$>" width="140" alight="right">
      <$description default='<p class="mainParagraphs"><img src="<$imagesrc link='true'$>" width="140" alight="right">Enter body content here</p>'$>
      <hr />

The problem, is this isn't showing up in the wysiwyg editor as aligning right.

Is this just an issue with the wysiwyg editor and will show fine when I send... or is there a workaround to this?


tpeterson, 7 years ago

I see the error in my coding... I mis-spelled "align"....   DOH!

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