Outlook 2007 Spam Filter

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me?

I can't get an eshot to pass through the spam filter for Outlook 2007. I've tried breaking the eshot up and all the different elements pass through fine on their own, but when I put it together it gets blocked.

The eshot is up here http://www.fluid-creative.com/eshots/fig1009/

and the title is Fig October

I've spent 6 hours trying to figure this out and its driving me insane!



davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hey Adam,

I've just tested the email and it came through my Outlook 07 with no issues. What is the subject line you are using? Were you testing with your own Outlook 07 or using our Design & Spam tests? If you are using your own, do you have it set as default spam filter level? One Outlook filter result came back that it didn't like the word "Deposit" - maybe try taking that out and re-sending?

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BThies BThies, 8 years ago


In copying and pasting the exact code you used - I tested your document and noticed it breaks or doesn't display correctly in most (if not all) of the e-mail clients.

In terms of the spam filters, here's what I was able to find:

* You've used relatively large font sizes in your email. Try to use normal font sizes.
* Your email has a low ratio of text to image area. Consider adding more text content to your email, or reducing your use of images.

I can recode this for you fairly quickly if you're interested.  Let me know :-)

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