text turns purple after <br> sometimes in gmail

Hi there,

I have the following code:

<h2>Dear <span>[FirstName1,fallback=Member]</span>,<br>
                  Some more text here</h2>


<h3>You currently have <span>[Points,fallback=]</span> AutoPartners points. <br>
                  Submit your claim by the 6th November to receive your rewards in time for Christmas!</h3>

Every now and then in gmail, the 2nd lines - the text after the <br>
will be purple and will sometimes have quite a bit of space between it and the first line.

Any ideas?

I'm finding it a bit hard to debug since it doesn't happen every time. Seems to be only in gmail that it happens. I've tested in Safari and Firefox for mac and it's happening in both so doesn't seem to be a browser issue.

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