Developer Help Required


I hope this is in the right forum - my apologises if not....

I have created a Mailbuild email newsletter (from template) and need help to:

1. Create a workable template for ongoing use and make it all work properly, conform to standards etc
2. Customise the subscribe/unsubscribe facilities and add API to existing website to capture/manage subscribers

I would like to be able to capture subscriber information such as postcode and then be able to customise each newsletter and segment the subscription list by postcode and send each a different newsletter.

Then, for a different newsletter altogether
3. Add a subscription API into an existing app.

This is my first adventure into email newsletters and need some guidance and assistance. I'm a quick learner. If you are interested, please contact me / send quote etc to

Thank you

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Lesley,

These forums are mostly aimed at Campaign Monitor, but there is likely to be someone around who would be happy to work with you. Check out the 'looking for designers' thread for some good options.

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