Not receiving test emails - is there another blacklisting problem?

We seem to be having another problem, whereby we are receiving any of our test emails through to our @selesti email accounts.  It is working for Hotmail etc for now, but this is how it started last time there was the problem.

Anyone else having issues?


davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi Michelle,

No, there's not another blacklisting at this time. Usually if you aren't getting emails, it is the content of the email that sees it being filtered as spam. If possible you should get in touch with the mail admin for @selesti to see if there's have a record of receiving the emails on the server and if they are getting filtered at the server level.

It is also possible that the mail server is blocking the emails because they are being sent from the same domain but they have no record of sending the campaign (because it was sent from our IPs). Here's a more detailed explanation on that.

To fix this issue you'll need to talk with your mail admin about whitelisting our sending IPs.

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