list approval - subscribers pending approval

How long does it usually take to receive approval for a submitted list of subscribers pending approval?

I sent my list on Friday. It is now Monday, and I still have not received word... Is it because it was a weekend? Time-zone differences?

I REALLY need to send this e-mail now; my client is expecting it to go today. Anyone been in the same circumstance?

Is this usual?

gregstenson, 9 years ago

going thru the same thing. I submitted my list for approval on 4 days ago on Thurs at 1pm (I guess that's around 9a Friday Australian time). I still don't have any reply or list approval. I should have received approval yesterday, or at least been contacted by support regarding my list. This is a major speed-bump; I've never waited this long with other services.

drcre8tive drcre8tive, 9 years ago

Good Grief!

So far I have been absolutely wow-ed about everything Campaign Monitor has offered, but this time-delay on large list approval is a set-back. I know they do this check to prevent spam, (and it is a good idea), but better responsiveness might be called for...

I've contacted support (still no response several hours later).

My advice to others: be sure to get your list requests in WAY further in advance, and don't go by the 12-hour approval timeline they give.

My client-supplied list of approx 20000 was an account sign-up culled in-house. This is the fist campaign I have done for this client; (they've sent to this list before using other e-mail services). They must be freaking-out! I don't blame them if they don't use me again...

I should have done more research. I've only sent smaller campaigns in the past.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago


Thanks for getting in touch - I have looked into the records for both of your approval requests, in and both cases we have replied well within 12 hours asking for more information and clarification, and never had a response back. Without that response we cannot approve your campaigns obviously.

It is possible that our reply was lost in a busy inbox or trapped by a filter, but unfortunately we have no way of knowing that. I've replied to both of you now repeating our questions, and we will be able to get this sorted out right away.

Sorry that you have not had a great experience with the approval process, but it is definitely true that we always, always respond to approval requests in less than 12 hours.

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Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I've tried emailing from another address - can you check your filters to see if your system is stopping our emails?

UPDATE: We were able to get through eventually by email.

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