Any special stepsrequired for a multi-language template?

I have a client that isn't happy with Constant Contact's support for special characters when emailing a message in another language (specifically Spanish and Portuguese).  Before I say "SURE! We can do that!"  I thought I'd check here to make sure I have all the bases covered for preparing a template(s) that are compatible with emailing in multiple languages. 
This is different than localizing the interface - I have read the posts on that, and will probably tout the multi-lingual forward to a friend and preferences center features, but specifically, I need to check on what I need to do as a template designer to prepare for non-english content.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey BraceRosso,

All you need to do to ensure your template will work is set the charset to UTF-8 and ensure the HTML file itself is UTF-8 encoded. Everything should render fine then. We encode as UTF-8 on sending so as long as the initial HTML is also UTF-8 encoded all of those non-English characters will be preserved.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi BraceRosso,

The main thing you have to remember is to use a suitable encoding - we recommend UTF-8.

And as you mention, using the translated Forward to a Friend and Preference Center, as well as translating the unsubscribe page.

Other than that, there shouldn't be any problems.

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BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Great - thanks! 
This brought up one other potential issue though - if the client is sending emails in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), they'll need three separate CM accounts right? I came to this conclusion since the FtaF and Prefs Center pages are controlled at the account level. 
What if you gave us a checkbox to include a language control on those pages?  That way, a client can keep all their lists in the same account and set the "default" language for the FtaF and Prefs Center pages.  However, if one of their subscribers wanted to view the page in another language, they could just click on a flag link (just a suggestion) or select their language on a pull-down menu.

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hey BraceRosso, let's see if Diana and I simultaneously reply to this one too..

You're right that the language for those pages are set on a per client level at this point. I've added your vote for being able to control this per campaign/template. Thanks for the feedback.

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