Feature Request: <emailversion>, inverse of <webversion>

It seems sloppy to me that when I click a link that says 'Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your browser',
when it opens in my browser, that same sentence/link appears - isn't this content smart enough to know it's already in a browser?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, when one of my clients designs an overly-long newsletter (a series of 1000+ word mini-essays), I'd like to elegantly give it a blog-like treatment: a few lines of content for each 'article', followed by a familiar 'read more...' link, which would then take them to the webversion.
HOWEVER, that would be sloppy as there is no way to HIDE the 'read more...' link in the webversion!

So, I'm suggesting an <emailversion> tag, that hides content from the webversion, just as <webversion> hides content from the email.

<emailversion>'Having trouble viewing this email? <webversion>View it in your browser</webversion>.</emailversion>

simpler, more elegant than the unsatisfying hacks suggested here:

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


I can definitely see the purpose of this, but I've never had a chat with any of the guys specifically about this so I don't know if it's something we've ever considered or not. For now, I'll mark it down as a feature request for you.

In regards to getting around it, there isn't a very clean way, you're right.

Travis Bell

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