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I work for a design company that uses this service for their clients, one of our clients has requested that we install a newsletter archive feature on their website, however they want separate archive lists for separate mailing lists.

Basically, they manage about 5 subscriber lists, we want separate pages displaying newsletter archives for each separate list, is this possible? and if so what do i do or where should i go??


travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


While we have the campaign archive feature available on a per client basis, we do not have it available on a per list basis. If this is required, the only option I see would be to manually create this list on their website for them.

In case you didn't know, the per-client web version archive is available by going into your client, clicking the "Client Settings" tab and then the "Create newsletter archive" link on the right hand side.

Hope that helps,

Travis Bell
catalystmedia, 8 years ago


all good

lukeg, 8 years ago

Feature request.

We have a similar scenario where we have set up clients to manage their own email sends and for those to appear in an archive on their website.

They occassionally want to sent out emails that they don't want to display on their website (eg Special offers for subscribers only, or a list to a division or segment that doesn't need to be shown publically).

We get this request pretty often but the only way to deal with it currently is to create the archives manually (as you mention above) or set up a separate account for emails that don't show. Both of these options are messy.

It would be great if clients had a flag under their reports 'Show on website'. This could be automatically set to true but clients then have the control to show and hide emails.

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