Extending A/B split testing period during testing period?

Is it possible for me (or CM) to extend a split testing period (while it's still within the testing period)?
If so, how?

Many thanks.

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hi Stewart,

Once an A/B test has been started, there is no way to edit any of the settings for it.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Travis Bell
stewartgreenway, 7 years ago

Thanks for getting back to me.

Not the news I was hoping for.
Are there any plans to allow this in future? I would have thought that this might be a useful feature on any type of time-delayed campaign.

Just out of interest, what provision would there be if there was a split-test in progress and for some reason the campaign absolutely had to be cancelled?

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hey Stewart,

If there's enough time left in your delay and the request is urgent we can always pass this on to a developer to change for us. Unfortunately, even if you wanted to cancel your campaign, the same rules apply—from this perspective, it's the same as any regular campaign (which cannot be cancelled either).

I'll be honest, I am not sure if this is something we've thought about doing in the future. I'll definitely add it to the list of requests though.

Travis Bell
stewartgreenway, 7 years ago

Thanks again

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