Add Subscriber with Custom Fields

I have this setup as per the C# example (although i had to convert to VB) but i'm getting this error when trying to run the page...

Compiler Error Message: BC30002: Type 'var' is not defined.

Source Error:

Dim result As var = CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper.Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields(apiKey, listID, txtContactEmail.Text, Name, customFields)

I know you can declare a var in C# but not it which is what I am using so i guess the question is, what is the result, an integer, string or am i missing something?



davidh, 7 years ago


The return type from the wrapper is Result<Integer>, so this should work:

Dim result as Result<Integer> = ...

You can also use inferred typing in VB.NET 2008 (which works the same way as the var keyword in C#), although you need to enable it in the project properties. See these links:


stevied, 7 years ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply, opted for the following...

Dim result As Result(Of Integer) = CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper.Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields(apiKey, listID, txtContactEmail.Text, FullName, customFields)

Worked just fine.  I think it would be very helpfull to include a VB version in samples.



davidh, 7 years ago

Glad it is working, I see you fixed my incorrect VB generics syntax :-)

While there is no VB.NET sample, there are some places you can use to convert C# to VB:

You can also download an app to convert a whole project if you do a search.

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