Test to see if client username is available through API?

I created a signup form so my clients can create their own accounts. I've combined the clientCreate and clientUpdateAccessAndBilling to create their account and then create their username and password. I'm running into a problem when I try to create an account with the same username as another user. I get the " Username already in use" error. The problem is when I go back and change the username and try again the clientCreate was successful so I now get "Email address already in use by another client". Is there any way to test if a username exists before it creates the new client?

blackwoodmg, 7 years ago

I found a way to test for the errors and redirect them to start over or enter an new user name but I'm still wondering  if there is a way to test for available usernames, and through ajax would be even more awesome. Thoughts anyone?

Ken Ken, 7 years ago


I'm afraid there's no way to test to see if a username has already been taken, other than trying to create a new client with a username, and receiving the error message. Sorry I can't be of anymore help.

trexart, 7 years ago

I'm running into this same issue. Anyway to add a way of checking this through the API to the requested list?

Ken Ken, 7 years ago

Hi guys,

I've added this request to the feature list with 3 votes. We'll keep you posted here with developments.

JamesMehorter JamesMehorter, 7 years ago

+ Vote for me. If CM is going to throw an error for an already used Email or Client Name, a method for checking these first to see if they are available would be invaluable. I am creating a payment workflow for users to signup for our cm / template service. We use the api to create the account after they have completed payment, so having an error thrown after payment would require extra forms for the user to change their info then, which is a pretty shotty workflow. Thanks CM Team :)

James Mehorter Web Developer
Belfast, Maine
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Thank you, James! I've added your vote, cheers for your feedback! As Ken mentioned earlier, we'll keep you informed if it's something we implement. Keep us posted if you have any further suggestions.

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