Suppress Domain

Is it possible to add known competitor email domain names to the suppression list?  I do not have all their individual addresses but want to prevent any e-mail going to their particular domain.

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


While I've seen a few requests for this, it is not currently possible to "blacklist" certain domains. Are you taking subscriber registrations through an online form? If so, you could always filter them there. Just maintain a list of domains you ignore. Could work, depending…

Travis Bell
ATscience, 8 years ago

Hi Travis

We're not taking our subscribers through a CM online form.  We have a separate registration process (through webinars).  As you have had a few requests do you think this feature is likely to be added in the near future?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

At this stage, it isn't something we'd add, but you could add your own validation script to your subscribe form, to ignore certain domains instead of submitting the form.

Keep in mind though that it is a trivial thing for a competitor to use a different domain, so it is likely not worth the effort.

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