Pick random groups from subscribers

Are there any way to either:
1. A/B test different send times (ex. Monday morning vs. Wednesday morning) or
2. Pick a random group of x subscribers from a list (maybe by building a segment?)

I've only succeeded with this until now by downloading all subscribers, adding a segment code to my random x subscribers and then re-upload the entire list and build a segment based on the segment code.

Anyone has experience with this?

mikkel mikkel, 8 years ago

Got answer from support: no can do.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Creating segments by using your own custom field is the way to go right now, but if others are interested in this kind of thing, please add your vote below.

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slapshotw, 7 years ago

I'd love this also. We end up doing something like mikkel above -- we download everyone, give them a "randomcode" of 1-4, and build custom segments. It has to be constantly done for new subscribers.

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