Campaign is stuck sending for 24 hours!

I sent out 5 campaigns yesterday morning (10amPST, US time) and 4 went out. The last one was seemed to be "sending" so I moved on. Today I checked again today, and it's still "sending" - it hasn't gone out.

It's not listed in drafts, but in sent campaigns, so I can't cancel it. I'd like either to cancel or have it complete sending (preferably the former at this point)

Any ideas?


webmanwalking, 8 years ago

Same problem as me, campaign sent at 330pm GMT (3.5 hours ago).  No email, no error, stuck.  Cant even click on it to see problem.  Very poor show guys, what's going on?

Ed Henderson
Web Man Walking
iop, 8 years ago

Support got back to me - they're working on it.

webmanwalking, 8 years ago

Never got back to me :-(  Needed to send a campaign this afternoon, scheduled it, went out for afternoon and came back to find it stuck.  Have emailed, left message on Forum and Twitter, no response at all.  Come on guys, talk to me, that's what Twitter is for?  Quick updates to let folk know, an hour ago you managed:

"Don't miss the chance to win a snazzy Campaign Monitor t-shirt this week"

Surely more important to fix the system and let your clients know what's going on?

Ed Henderson
Web Man Walking
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 8 years ago

Hi everyone, to clarify what has been going on, we've been experiencing issues with some campaigns that have been paid with a combination of email credit and credit card. In situations where this payment has not been enough, campaigns have stalled, instead of being sent to drafts. This change in behaviour has been a result of the update we had earlier in the week and support have been flat-chat working to resolve this.

We understand this has come at great inconvenience to all of you and apologise for the delays it has caused. Support have been working through the stalled campaigns and we should have most, if not all out already. Please do contact us if there is anything we can do to assist in this situation.

@webmanwalking - I can understand your frustration, unfortunately I only received your Twitter message this morning (Sydney time). I have responded and have been informed by support that your campaign has been sent successfully. Our sincere apologies for the delay - please give us a buzz if you incur any further issues.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
iop, 8 years ago

It was fixed - partly my fault, as I was out of credits. However, instead of warning me, it just froze. They said they're working on a fix for the problem.

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