New features request: Date of Clicks, Campaign Draft access,...

Hello Mailbuild Team,
      A couple of features i'd like to request please...
      I've stated earlier about the need to obtain the date of both the Open & Clicks metrics.
            i've been unable to use the api to gather metrics, because our users insist on the need for the date.
       I've just recently noticed there are no Methods or properties to manipulate
                previously created Campaign Drafts.

      If i'm not mistaken, to create a campaign it requires a URL string for the template. If i decide to use an existing template (url of the template preview), it adds an unsubscribe link (even if already there), & skews the template in othere ways slightly. Same problem if i use the url of a template, on our website...
Is it possible to use a template ID instead, or whatever it takes so CM doesn't alter the template at all (same as doing by hand)?

Thank you all very much for your consideration and a great tool!

Dan Boulos
Fiera Investor Solutions

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Dan. You are right, reimporting an existing preview or sent campaign will cause you problems.

Ideally you would use the same source URL you used to setup the draft the first time around, but perhaps in your case that is not possible.

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