Subscribe Error underlying connection closed .NET CampaignMonitorAPIWr

I am using the CampaignMonitorAPIWrapper for ASP.NET and had no problems when testing on my local machine and  development server.  Once moved to production, I'm receiving an error when trying to run Subscriber.AddAndResubscribeWithCustomFields

The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.

The production box has a pretty tight firewall.  Do I need to have them open any port to get this work?  Does anyone know what would cause this .NET error?


sirius, 8 years ago

This morning I've been getting intermittent drops in the connection to the API server. I even tested code in a different language on a different machine and was still getting random connection drops. I have 89 errors so far just this morning, which is bad because it's probably discouraging our customers from signing up.

I sent them an email and I hope they see the issue soon.

Ken Ken, 8 years ago

Hi guys,

We had a problem with our database on Saturday morning (Sydney time), which coincides with when you sent your post. This would have caused the problem with the api that you're describing.

It should be fine now. Let us know if you still experience problems, however.

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