Outlook 2007 stretching my content

I have wrestled with this one out for a while now and just can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something simple. Outlook 2007 will stretch my content to 100% wide. Here is the code I am using. (this is a very simple email, but this is happening on all my campaigns.)

<body leftmargin="0" marginwidth="0" topmargin="0" marginheight="0" offset="0">
<table width="100%" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#ffffff">
<td valign="top" align="center">
    <table width="500" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#ffffff" style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; color:#959595; font-size:10px; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Sans-Serif;">
        <td align="center">Email not displaying correctly?<a href="*|ARCHIVE|*" style="color:#585858;text-decoration: underline;font-weight: normal;line-height: 200%;">
        View it in your browser.</a></td>
<!-- Start Main Email Here ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
    <table width="500px" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#ffffff" valign="top" align="center" style="font-family:Georgia, Serif;">
        <tr><td width="500px"><img src="http://www.vabeneaz.com/email/images/bDayAnniv/bDayHead.gif" width="500px" height="127px" alt="Va Bene Birthday Logo" style="display:block;" /></td></tr>
            <td width="500px" style="text-align:center; border-left:solid 6px #7d331f; border-right:solid 6px #7d331f; padding-left:30px; padding-right:30px; font-size:16px; font-family:Georgia, Serif;">
            <h2 style="font-size:20px; color:#7d331f;">It's your Birthday<br />*|FNAME|*!!</h2>
            Print this coupon and bring it in to Va Bene to celebrate your birthday, and we'll take <b>20% off of your total bill!</b><br /><br />
            <span style="font-size:13px; font-style:italic;">limited time offer good for 1 month after *|DATE:M. d Y|*</span><br />
        <tr><td width="500px"><a href="http://www.vabeneaz.com"><img src="http://www.vabeneaz.com/email/images/bDayAnniv/footer.gif" width="500px" height="40px" alt="4647 E. Chandler, 480.706.4070, www.vabeneaz.com" border="0" style="display:block;" /></a></td></tr>
    <!-- End Main Email ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>
    <table width="500px" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#ffffff" align="center" valign="top" style="margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto; color:#959595; font-size:10px;font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Sans-Serif;">
        Not your Birthday?<a href="*|UPDATE_PROFILE|*" style="color: #585858;text-decoration: underline;font-weight: normal;"> Update your profile</a><br /><br />
        <br />
        <a href="*|UNSUB|*" style="color: #585858;text-decoration: underline;font-weight: normal;">Unsubscribe</a> *|EMAIL|* from this list.<br />
        Our mailing address is:<br />
        *|HTML:LIST_ADDRESS_HTML|*<br />
        Copyright (C) 2009 *|LIST:COMPANY|* All rights reserved.<br />
        <br />
        <a href="*|FORWARD|*" style="color: #585858;text-decoration: underline;font-weight: normal;">Forward</a> this email to a friend<br />

Here is a screenshot:

This is basically 3 rows; an image on top and bottom, with content in the middle. As you can see, the middle tr is stretching all the way to the right. This does not happen in Thunderbird, Outlook 2003, Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or any browser.

Any one know what I'm doing wrong?


Blake, 8 years ago

Hi greg0,

This is caused by the "px" unit on the end of your width values. If you remove them it will display correctly. For example, rather than <td width="500px"> simply use <td width="500">.

greg0, 8 years ago

Thank you for your quick reply. I was thinking that the more specific I was, the better. I guess not (I'm still new to this). I'm on my cell phone right now, but I'll try that out later on tonight.


greg0, 8 years ago


Thank You!! That did the trick. I never would have thought specifying px would cause me so much trouble. Thank you again.


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