Custom Unsubscribe

Hi there,

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section - sorry if not! Our email lists are generated from sign ups from our website, where people can create an account for the site, and also sign up for email updates. When people unsubscribe after receiving an email, at the moment we don't have any way of knowing whether they want to just stop receiving emails, or whether they want to delete their whole account. Does anyone know if we can make a custom unsubscribe form via Campaign Monitor, so that people can select whether to delete the whole account or just stop receiving emails? Then create 2 unsubscribe lists, one for each option?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer!


Blake, 8 years ago

Hi Amy,

Probably the easiest way to do something like this is to use our normal unsubscribe link and then use a custom confirmation page which gives them the option to also delete their whole account.

You may want to use a query string to pass their e-mail address to your confirmation page so that you can more easily find their account in your system.

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