Fwded emails and unsubscribe links?

Is it possible to make unsubscribe links double opt-out?

My concern is, and the concern expressed by a client, is if the recipient of a forwarded email clicks on an unsubscribe link, it unsubscribes the original recipient.

Could someone give me some pointers as to how such scenarios can and should be handled?

I've looked through the settings and couldn't find anything relating to how unsubscribes are handled - i.e. single/unconfirmed opt-out or double/confirmed opt-out.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


It isn't possible to make the unsubscribe confirmed, we do require that you use our one click opt-out. What you can do, beyond encouraging people to use the forward to a friend link rather than forwarding from their email client (which doesn't include that unsub link) is put the [email]tag by the unsubscribe link, to make it clear who they'd be unsubscribing. So something like Unsubscribe [email]from future mailings. That helps prevent those inadvertent unsubscribes.

D. Potter
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