Error 159: Invalid Password

Hi all,

We've been implementing the API into our system and we've been having some difficulties with password lengths.

We tried to create a user with a 4 char password, then a 3 char password and the error shows:

159: Invalid Password
Password must be between three (3) and twenty (20) characters when AccessLevel is non zero.

Using 5 char passwords or more seems to work so it would appear there is a typographical error on the return API error.

Could a member of the Support team please come back on this asap.


Mark Hedley
Head of Technical
Mobious Limited

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hey Mark,

You're right, passwords do need to be a minimum of 5 characters. We tightened the password requirements a couple months ago and that text likely wasn't edited to match the requirements. We'll get it updated. Thanks for catching it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
mobiouslimited mobiouslimited, 8 years ago

Welcome - do we win a prize? :-)

Mobious Limited
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tel:  +44 (0)191 213 1616
Blake, 8 years ago

Yes. Yes you do.

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