Repeater Tag Error Message

Hi,  I think I'm going crazy.  I keep getting an error message when I'm trying to upload a simple template for my client.  I'm not an expert coder, but have been able to muddle my way through so far.

This is the error:
No repeater a title, description or image tag     

We found your <repeater> and </repeater> tags, but couldn't track down a <$title$>, <$description$> or <$image$>tag. Your clients will need one of these tags so they can add content to their repeating items.

And this is the code
<repeater><h3><$title link='true' default='Enter your title'$></h3>
<$description default='<p>Enter your description</p>'$></repeater>

Can anyone help shed light on what's wrong with this?

Blake, 8 years ago

Hi Sarah,

I think you also sent this issue through to us at support, too. Everything in the code you posted looks okay so could you please send through your HTML and ZIP files through to support so we could take a look? Thanks.

hman, 8 years ago


I get the samme error message. This is what I have done:

1) Downloaded one of your free templates ("Elegant")
2) Opened the file "template-with-editor-tags.html" in my HTML-editor
2) Changed the text "Contact us" to "Contact Me"
3) Saved the template.
4) Zipped the images-files
5) Clicked "Add a new template" an browsed to the edited HTML-file "template-with-editor-tags.html" and the the zip-file
6) Clicked "Add template", but then get the same error-message as Sarah above


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Please contact us at support H-man so we can see exactly what is happening for you.

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