Demo within my account

Hi all,

I am presenting Campaign Monitor to a client on Monday, I was wondering if there is any way to setup a demo account within my own control panel, I thought about sending a dummy newsletter this afternoon, obviously the stats won't be very good though.

Is there any demo content that can be used?


Blake, 8 years ago

Hi Lee,

I'm afraid doing something like this would be a matter of manually creating a demo client account and setting up a demo campaign to send.

As far as the stats go probably the easiest way to create those would be if you had a Gmail account. Gmail has a feature where you can add a plus symbol (+) and then a string of characters after your account name and the mails will still reach you. For example if you had an account then you could send e-mails to and they'd still reach you.

This allows you to easily create a large list of addresses so that you can send a e-mail a large number of times to a single address, and then you can open and click as you need to to create the stats you want.

m@rk m@rk, 8 years ago

I think that there is a definate demand for some sort of demo account feature which we can show potential clients.
I'm sure that most of the members in this forum wouldnt mind an email from you when setting up or populating a demo database.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 8 years ago

Hi m@rk, many thanks for your feedback on this. If you haven't already, do give our earlier blog article on setting up a client demo account a read - it may also be of value to you. Blake's advice above is sound - I've done just this for dummy sends in the past.

We're looking at ways to make CM more attractive to potential clients, so many thanks for your input.

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