How are unsubscribes counted in the open list?

I have sent out a campaign and have had a few people unsubscribe from the list.

These people do not appear on the open list even though they must surely have opened it in order to unsubscribe. I looked at the individual contacts and for some of them their number of opens is '0'. How does this work? All of the unsubscribes used Outlook so even if they unsubscribed from the preview pane, it should still count as an open right? Basically my question is how are these people counted as far as the open rate is concerned?

BThies BThies, 7 years ago

A tracking image is used within the document to count open rates.

If images are disabled, it won't track as an open (although they can still click unsubscribe).

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
OllyPercival OllyPercival, 7 years ago

Thanks for your help Brian!

Blake, 7 years ago

Further to this, if someone has images disabled and they click a link then we will count an open for them, however currently we don't count an open if they click the unsubscribe link. It might be worth having a read of All about e-mail open rates for more on how we calculate open rates.

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