New to Campaign Monitor - some questions.


I am new to Campaign Monitor. I have some questions I am hoping can be answered here.

1. Can I set a webform to forward the subscriber to a page if they are already a subscriber? ie. If they are subscriber already don't block them with a message just forward them onto the page.

2. Can I automatically have a Prospect unsubscribe from Prospect List when they are subscribed to Member List.
ie. Automatically remove from list A if they subscribe to list B.

3. Can I set a series of emails to be set for a list based on time subscribed to the list. ie Email 1 goes out instantly. Email 2 goes out 3 days later. Email 3 goes out 7 days later.

These are the things I need to know. I have worked out most of the rest but these bits I would like to ask before continuing on.

Kind regards


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Lee,

In answer to your questions:

1. Yes, this is how Campaign Monitor works already

2. Not automatically, but you could do it via the API if you have the dev skills available

3. This is something Campaign Monitor does not currently support, but is something we are planning to add

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