Send HTML campaign without web bug?

Bizarre as this may sound I am wondering if it is possible to send an HTML campaign without the web bug?

I am having issues with spam filtering software (MailScanner/SpamAssasin) 'disarming' emails because of the web bug.

I understand that the removal of the web bug would prevent the reports from being generated, however I have users who love the CM interface and list management so much that they would be prepared to sacrifice these!

We have previously sent a few plain text only campaigns so this has not been an issue but would like to try using HTML.  I have attempted to liaise with our mail administrators but am not having much luck with whitelisting IPs or adding DK/SI DNS records.

Any help much appreciated.


Paul :)

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Paul,

It isn't possible to send HTML without the tracking image in Campaign Monitor, I'm afraid. When the systems disarm the email, is it not delivered? Or is the formatting messed up in some way?

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paulgroves, 7 years ago


Many thanks for your reply.  I appreciate that my situation is somewhat ridiculous and represents the edge of and edge case :)

The issue is that "{Disarmed} " is prepended to the subject line, this obviously makes it appear like phishing/malware. 

It also inserts/rewrites other text if you do things like put a URL as the anchor text of a link (where the actual href value differs as it is a CM created URL), but this can be avoided by edits to the copy and selective image replacement.

The list we wanted to send to includes a reasonable percentage individuals from across our own organisation, we just cannot send them something that will appear with the altered subject line and our mail admin are reluctant to whitelist IPs.

I guess we will just pull out the people from within our organisation from the list and send them plain text.

May I say, that the way you respond to forum posts is extraordinarily impressive, thank you so much.



vince, 7 years ago

It would be a good option to choose if we want the 'web bug' or not, as open rates aren't really that important as much as click throughs.

By the way, the 'web bug' we are referring to is a transparent image, correct?

The other option would be for us to choose which image  within our HTML to use as the 'web bug', as I believe spam filters look for transparent images to increase their spam ratings.

The last option I can think of is simlar, but instead of ability to always choose a different image, always make it the header/logo image?

Gosh, I think i've onto something here as I believe nobody else has implemented this yet.
Should I win a prize for this :-)

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