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I am testing my campaign but am a little confused about the unsubscribe link. If I add:

Please click <unsubscribe>here</unsubscribe> to unsubscribe. I get the correct link but it then goes to the page that says:

"This page will display either the custom unsubscribe page created by this designer, or a generic unsubscribe page if one is not specified."

then the user must click "unsubscribe page" to actually get to the confirmation. How do I get directly to the unsubscribe confirmation page and avoid the first page?

Ive even created my own unsubscribe confirmation page to see but am always taken to the first page.



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Rob,

When you are testing (so you are not actually sending to the list) you see that message, which is just telling you that in a real campaign you would see the custom page.

You can see it work by sending a campaign to 5 or less people on a test list, so it is free, and defining the custom unsubscribe confirmation URL. Sending the actual campaign will let you actually unsubscribe just like anyone else would.

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