Synchronize subscriber lists with Active Directory?

Just wondering if anyone has tried to use the API to synchronize subscriber lists with things like Distribution Lists in Active Directory?

We are using CM to send out internal company newsletters, but would prefer to not have to go through a manual process of exporting the DL to a CSV file and importing again, every time we send a new campaign.

jamesd jamesd, 8 years ago

Hi Michael,

I haven't heard of anyone who has done that, but it would certainly be possible.

You'd probably find the .NET API wrapper useful, assuming you're in a Windows Server environment.

Using this wrapper in conjunction with the System.DirectoryServices namespace to do a regular sync would be the way I'd approach this if I were doing it.

We'd be interested to know how you go in getting that up and running.

michaelroper, 8 years ago

Thanks James, I downloaded the API wrapper the other day, so I'll definitely have a play around with it. Thanks for the pointer to the System.DirectoryServices namespace, gives me a place to start...

If I manage to cobble something together, I'll be sure to share!

adski, 7 years ago

We have done it for a local school ;)

The school exports their active directory users into a csv file once per week into a directory we setup for them. They use crystal reports to produce the csv files automatically.

We then wrote a Windows application that scans the directory for csv files & automatically uploads/updates their subscribers using the cm api. They schedule this application to run weekly.

The biggest issue we faced when writing the application was that the school had multiple students per parent in their active directory. The issue with that was the school wanted segments like "parents with students in year 7", "parents with students in year 8", "parents with students in year 9" etc. We had to muck around with the script quite a bit until we achieved what they were after.

It was quite a time consuming task, but anything is possible if you put your mind to it :)

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