hello, we're waiting for approval to send a campaign. We've migrated subscribers from our current newsletter system to campaign monitor and we've also built a new Drupal site, with new subscription boxes. They're  the first to be informed. On Monday we will send another mail to the total database...

We're now standby, waiting...

vitaya, 7 years ago

Vitaya is a TV station in Belgium and we have obligations towards third parties to send this mail in time... thx

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


It looks like we've replied to your request asking for some additional information. We'll just need you to reply and we'll be able to proceed with your approval request.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
moonpm, 7 years ago

Having exactly the same problem - it's extremely frustrating! I've been waiting since last week and client now getting very annoyed. Makes my company look inefficient. Not happy....

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

moonpm, I believe this has been sorted out via email?

Please contact us if you're still waiting.

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