Integration of CM & MB maybe even Cashboard?

By any chance do you happen to have a roadmap for features and what will be added? I was curious to know when Campaign Monitor and MailBuild will be integrated. Reason I'm asking is that there are times when we send emails and other times when I could see that my client would want to send his/her own emails to a specific segment. Having the ability to do all things in one roof would be awesome.

Also, here's a killer idea, would it be possible for you guys to work with Cashboard to have it so when we send the campaign it will play with the API for Cashboard and record the amount of emails at whatever our cost is and then we can invoice the client for when we do an email sent out from MailBuild.

I dunno, it might be pretty cool idea.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey Tony,

I'm afraid we don't publish our product roadmaps publicly. They're pretty dynamic things that can change quickly depending on customer feedback, internal priorities and what we think is the best match for our customers at the time. If we published these then we'd feel obligated to implement all of them to avoid disappointing people. As far as MB and CM integration go, I can confirm that one isn't on the table. They are different applications built for different types of clients.

In regards to the billing integration, you might not have noticed that MailBuild includes its own comprehensive billing system where you can set the prices for each client and all the invoicing and charging is taken care of for you automatically. Having said that, we do have plans to continually open the API, and that may include the ability to integrate your account with your own billing systems some time in the future.

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