Sending a Test Email via the API

I'm currently building an integration with the API that we'll use to allow our clients to send emails through their own websites. We currently make a lot of use of the test email feature where a few individuals get a test run of the campaign before it is sent. Is there a way to send a test to a few individuals through the API (I couldn't see one)? If not could you add it as a feature request? This isn't a show stopper as there are other ways I can send out tests but it would be nice if it could be done via the API.

Thanks for looking into this.

andyofb, 7 years ago

I am also wanting to send tests via the API. Is this possible?

SePP, 7 years ago

+1 for this API feature.

Really needing this, I'm currently creating a full blown test campaign, to let my users test this, but this isn't really an ideal situation, because the number of test campaigns is limited on an account base.


jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Thanks for the API suggestion guys. Your votes for this feature have been added to our internal suggestion tracker.

Any thoughts on how you'd expect or prefer to receive the test results if we were to add this feature to the API?

SePP, 7 years ago

What I need is really simple. I just have a campaign and I want to send it to a single recipient, before sending it to the actual contacts.

So that the one who's creating the campaign, in my interface, can check how the email will look like in his inbox, before sending it to his contacts.


vivojack, 6 years ago

I would also love to see this feature implemented.  I am building a web app that will allow my clients to blog on their sites, then select which blog entries they want to feature in an email campaign and send it all from within their site.  Not having the ability to do a test send to make sure it looks right is a big drawback, as they would still need to log into campaign monitor to do so which kind of defeats the point.



dasmedia, 6 years ago

It's rather simple: just send a testmail to a self-defined (inputted by api) emailaddress (or addresses if possible) in which the tags (forwardtoafriend, webversion, unsubscribe, ...) are included.
We have our own application that does that test rightnow, but we cannot parse those tags ourself.
What are the reasons NOT to implement it at API-side?

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

I'm happy to confirm that the ability to send test emails (in the same way you can send them from within the app) using the API is something we'll be releasing very soon in our new RESTful API.

dasmedia, 6 years ago

ok, and does the 'new REST API' mean that other api-functionality will change? Or can we just add the functionality api-function to our current application?

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

The RESTful API will be a new endpoint (version 3) for our API and will include new functionality and a completely new interface based on the principles of REST. We will be encouraging everyone to use the new version once it is released (probably in the next few days).

The functionality of the current XML-RPC-based API endpoint (version 2) will remain as it currently is, and we will discourage use of this version of the API once v3 is released.

jorge, 6 years ago
jamesd :

I'm happy to confirm that the ability to send test emails (in the same way you can send them from within the app) using the API is something we'll be releasing very soon in our new REST API.

This feature would be a great add-on for the project I am currently working on. Is there a tentative date for when this  feature will be released?

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

We released v3 of the API over a month ago, which included the ability to send campaign previews.

jorge, 6 years ago

@jamesd, thanks for the quick reply.
My bad, I believe my question was a little vague. Actually, what I meant was if there is going to be a resource for running "Spam Tests" (feature currently available through the web app).

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

The ability to run Design and Spam tests via the API hasn't been requested all that much, but I've added your vote to the existing feature request.

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