Change content according to recipient

Hi I'm just trying Campaign Monitor out for the first time, I'm really impressed :)

Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to customise an emails content according to the recipient.

For example - I'm going to send out a Christmas newsletter to my clients. I'd like to say a lot of the same things to all of them but I'd like to say different things to those who have:
1. A static website
2. A Joomla 1.0 website
3. A Joomla 1.5 website

Can this be done or should I create 3 campaigns and duplicate the consistent content?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 8 years ago

Hi Morktron, you're on the right track with the creation of 3 campaigns - each to be sent to a different segment or list (eg. static website, Joomla 1.0...). Unfortunately, we don't have the sort of logic to customize your content based on subscriber list or custom fields yet, but it's something we can certainly look into.

In the interim, if this is a recurring issue, you may want to consider creating an email template and making the bit you want to change each time editable. Here's an overview of our template tags.

Let us know if you have any further questions about this. Welcome to Campaign Monitor!

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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Just to add to Ros' reply, if you are only talking minor differences, you may be able to use custom fields to insert different content. You can have up to 250 characters in a field, so a small bit of personalisation is quite feasible.

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morktron morktron, 8 years ago

Hi Roshodgekiss and Mathew, thanks for your posts they are very helpful. Sorry for my slow reply I didn't realise I had not subscribed to my own post!

I just came across 'Segments' and thought that was it but no.

I hope you manage to add a feature like this in the future, it already has everything else ;)

Anyway thanks again :)

bamja21, 7 years ago


What you're trying to accomplish is called "dynamic content". I've performed this on numerous campaigns for clients, but unfortunately CM doesn't offer this...yet (wink wink guys - build it). There is high value in this feature and becoming a necessity for my clients, including the ability to provide dynamic from names, addresses and reply addresses. For example, in the cases where clients have a bunch of account managers where we want the one mailing to appear to come from each one individually, and be able to respond to each one individually, the idea of a dynamic from name/address/replyaddress, and dynamic content, are two core features on my wish list to see CM roll out in 2010. This I feel will truly separate them from the plethora of other email service providers nipping at CM excellent services.

morktron morktron, 7 years ago

Thanks Bamja21 for filling me in and adding your support. Yes I reckon this feature would be super useful and really differentiate CM once and for all from it's competitors.

It would save a lot of repetitive work. No doubt it would be a very tricky feature to code and make intuitive but I'm sure the CM crew are fully capable.

Thanks again, cheers

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