Subscriber approval

I'm having an itchy client who's waiting already for more the 12 hours on the aproval of his subscriber list. We never experienced such a delay. Why is this taking so long?

Jaik, 7 years ago

We're also waiting for approval, but it's only been a few hours so far. Is there any way to expediate this process? I thought our account was approved for sending campaigns this large (just shy of 200,000 addresses) as we've recently had it approved for a 150,000 address campaign.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hey springrolls, we definitely reply to all requests within 12 hours so if you haven't heard back send us an email. It may just be that our reply didn't reach you.

Jaik, your approval was sorted out quite a while ago, but if you have any other issues just let us know.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
barney.hall, 7 years ago

Hi I'm very keen to start reselling CM as our email marketing infrastructure.

Can anyone throw some light on list approval for me:

1) If I provide a client the ability to upload their own lists, what's to stop them uploading a list that doesn't conform to CM's spam policies.
2) How can I protect my reseller account from this happening? I think with all my best efforts some clients might still upload something slightly fishy.
3) Is there anyway I can check a client's list myself? Or is it purely automatic and performed by CM?


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hey Barney,

If your client imports a list over their approval limit you'll get an email letting you know that they'll need to be approved before they can send a campaign to that list. You can check with them about permissions once that happens. In addition, we always suggest talking to your customers about the permissions policies and about where their subscribers came from before giving them permission to access the system. That tends to prevent most shady lists, since most are just confusion over what is and isn't allowed. People can still get sneaky though and that's part of why the approval process exists.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
barney.hall, 7 years ago

Hi Diana, thanks for coming back to me.

Just wondered how is the approval limit set? I haven't seen this as an available configuration?

Do you do any checks beyond asking them to validate it's source?

Many thanks,

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


You can read about the approval process here. You can see your client's approval limit under the Client Settings tab. It's something we control though, so you aren't able to increase or decrease their limit.

Regarding the validation, we check their explanation, the sources they talk about, etc and we also check the campaign itself ensuring that the content complies with our policies and that it matches their permissions as well.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
NickJE, 7 years ago

we have been waiting over 3 days for a response / approval including two support emails we have sent. seems like nobody is out there anymore. has the company gone down?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey Nick,

I've replied to your most recent email to both the addresses we have for you, it looks like you are not seeing our replies. As mentioned above we absolutely always reply within 12 hours to approval questions, so if you (or anyone) don't get one, chances are a message has not reached you.

We'll get it sorted out once we hear back from you.

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Promothon Promothon, 7 years ago

My client settings says: Approved send limit - Small campaigns only. How do I know what "Small campaigns only" means? Can the Approved send limit be set to 5 or another specific quantity?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hey Promothon,

This is a limit that all new designers and clients start out with, it's not something that's configurable I'm afraid. We don't disclose the actual number to prevent abuse of the system.

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