Cleaning a list

I have a list of clients from our chain of salons. All have subscribed online or filled in a form at the salons.

Recent campaigns to new subscribers have produced spam reports even though they only signed up a few weeks before. I put this down to the ease of the "junk" button on Hotmail or mistakes on typing the email address from badly handwritten lists (the clients own handwriting).

I am about to email all clients with a pre-Christmas newsletter but some names have been on the database 18 months.

I love CM and find it great to use but am worried a high spam rate from older names might mean I am barred from using it in the future.

I am only talking about 1,200 names - but they are an important list to us.

Any suggestions about how to deal with a list that has the potential for a high span rate because of older data?


Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Hi Philten,

There's probably a few things you can do to get your list cleaner. Re-verifying who wants to receive your emails is probably a good start - email each subscriber with a link asking to confirm if they want to receive your emails still. This does have the problem that it means you need to email them again..., if you want to be more cautious, I'd say from the off to trim down your list to people who had actually opened your email. At least with these you can have a measure of confidance that their email addresses are still active, and there's a better chance that they hadn't taken one glance at the title and trashed it, meaning they have an interest in your email.

Personally, I'd trim down the list to people who had opened your mail, then get some good copy drawn up that would be of interest and use to people, and say that if they wish to continue receiving your emails they need to resubscribe to confirm. From that point on, only use the new list - you'll have a smaller list (meaning cheaper campaigns) full of people who definitely want your emails (meaning better response rates).

Bearing in mind this is a personal opinion :) It would probably be best to wait for a CM response before taking anything as an accepted solution.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
philten, 9 years ago

Thanks for a quick response Stormy.
I had thought an email to resubscribe older names would be the way if I did not want to just delete all these people. The problem with basing decisions on who opened my emails is that the open rate is significantly under reported.
I might try a small number of these older names to see if the spam rate is too high (perhaps 20) and then make a decision.
If CM have any ideas that would great.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We've got a blog post about sending to an older list which pretty much covers the same territory - refreshing the permission with a single message first.

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Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago
philten :

The problem with basing decisions on who opened my emails is that the open rate is significantly under reported.

One of the principal hazards of email marketing :) I can understand why using this approach would be a big concern; I tend to lean towards targetting via open/clicks as, even though they might not be a complete representation, they are ones you can say something more definite about, and they tend to be higher-quality addresses to concentrate further emails on.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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