Sending templates to multiple subscribers at fixed intervals

how do I set up a series of templates that i can send to multiple subscribers at fixed intervals after they sign up.
for example if I have 7 subscribers who sign up to my mailing list on different days of the week how can I ensure that they all receive my templates exactly one month and thereafter which means multiple scheduling on differnt date to coincide with the different dates they signed up ?

Anybody that know a plug in that will alow me to do this I would be most grateful to hear from you


David Websalad

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey David,

What you're looking for is commonly referred to as trigger based, auto-responder or drip based emails. This is something you'll be happy to know we're actually working on although do not have an ETA as to its release at this time.

In regards to a plugin, I am not aware of anything that will work with Campaign Monitor and let you do this.


Travis Bell

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