How to I personalise email content, including images?


Is there a way that I can personalise my emails, but to a further extent than with custom fields?

For example, I would like some of my list to see a particular image and paragraph, but not the others.

Is this possible, or would we still have to create a number of emails manually?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Sarah, while we don't support complex dynamic content in your email (which can get messy very quickly), you can actually use our custom fields/personalization feature to dynamically include images or (small) paragraphs of content.

The add dynamic images, simply create a custom field and add the file name of the image you would like displayed. Next, import your campaign and replace the file name of the image you wish to make dynamic with the personalization tag for that custom field. For example:

<img src="http:/[filename,backup=generic.jpg] width="100" height="50" cm_dontimportimage>

There are a couple of important things to note in the sample code.

1. We've provided a fallback to the personalization tag in case some subscribers don't have any value for the custom field and they don't get a broken image.

2. We've included cm_dontimportimage to ensure the image won't be imported when you import your campaign into your account and we will reference an image on your server instead of ours. You can read more about this tag in our help system.

Now just make sure the different images you'll be personalizing with are in the directory on your server and make sure you send yourself a few test emails before firing it off.

In regards to personalizing a paragraph, you can simply add that paragraph data as a custom field and then insert it using a personalization tag. You're limited to 256 characters though, so it might not be enough for a large bit of content.

lcarriker, 9 years ago


I tried using the solution in this post for a single dynamic image, and it did not work. All of my test emails with the dynamic image did not retrieve the src. When I looked at the email source code, I could still read the brackets ([Signature, backup=spacer.gif]).

Please help.


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi. What's the exact code you're using? You could also send an email into support so that we can take a look at your campaign and the custom field settings.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
berchman berchman, 9 years ago

I see this thread was started 7 months ago and wonder about the status of dynamic content in e-mails.

I have a client that would like to include dynamic content in each recipients email based on a specific variable for each recipient.

For example.

I graduated from school in 1997.
Therefor include all class notes from 1997, 1995, 1996, 1998, and 1999.

Then if you were from another year you get your year, plus the 2 years before and after.

If CM cannot handle the logic on this, would there be a way for me to dynamically deliver these individual emails through the CM API so that we can use your service and the great metrics feedback on open rates, etc.??

Thanks for any insights.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Bert,

While you can certainly use custom fields to include dynamic content and images in your emails, you can't actually apply any additional conditional logic I'm afraid. Basically, you pull out the value of any custom fields but not set additional dynamic content based on custom field values.

berchman berchman, 9 years ago

Thanks for that Dave.

Could I perform the logic and dynamic preparation outside of CM and deliver the emails through your API?

I am not adverse to getting the emails composed how I would like in a custom fashion, but I sure would like to use your service for the metric feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions about what I am trying to do.


ps. would be cool to be able to subscribe to a topic by email in this forum

snowman18, 9 years ago

I don't think so, if I understand you right, but you can get close! You can create a dynamic page for the email which has the custom fields as part of the dynamic page. So you can customize the dynamic page in 256 character chunks. That is most of the email would be the same for each person except for the custom pieces.

I don't think it is feasible to send a different html link for each member.

This is working well for us!

jojet jojet, 7 years ago

HI Dave,
i like the elegance of your solution (although I would put a request in for some full scale CM elegance to give us this facility!) but my concern is that does this then mean that the email campaign is referencing image(s) from a different domain? Isn't this a big spam/phishing trigger no no?


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