Send multiple emails to same email address in single campaign

This may seem an odd requirement but I need to send multiple emails to the same email address for a single campaign - is there any way to do this?

I'll give 2 examples for this requirement:

One of the lists contains top level executives of companies who have all given permission for us to send them emails. However most top level executives have all their email sent to a personal assistant. For some companies a number of executives may use the same personal assistant (i.e. same email address). How can we send personalised emails to each of those executives who share the same pa?

Another example is the South African rugby squad, again we have permission from all to send them emails. However all email addresses for any member in the squad is the same address (shared pa again). How do i send a personalised email to all or to a subset of the squad?

It seems the CampaignMonitor always filters out duplicate email addresses from lists or groups of lists preventing a solution to this problem.

Any ideas on how to get round this?


alanburke, 7 years ago

Yep, This would be a useful addition.

I've tried to get around this using address modifiers [ I don't know the correct term].
cab also be reached using
but not all email providers support this.


scottgnz, 7 years ago

Realise this is old but I need to +1 this.
I have a client who send individual investment statements to clients who sometimes share a single email address (ie: mr and mrs x at

At present importing them both would update the name of the subscriber to the second one.

So if Sally X was imported first, the subscriber name would be changed to Stanley X when his details were added at a later date.

Or if they were added at the same time, the second in alpha order would be scrubbed to the suppression list.

Is there a solution to this? It's very important that my clients subscribers receive individual statements (for legal reasons) even if they do share a single email address.


mattdjs, 7 years ago

+1 also interested in this

Carissa Carissa, 7 years ago

Thank you all for explaining why you'd need to send two emails to the same person. The email address is the unique identifier for each record in a Campaign Monitor list, so it isn't technically possible for one email address to appear twice.

These days, email addresses are easy to come by (I myself have 6!), so this is becoming less and less of an issue. We can now check multiple email addresses in one inbox, and Gmail makes that especially easy, as Alan mentioned above.

Campaign Monitor
scottgnz, 7 years ago

That's fine for most people but doesn't really help with the actual posts as above.

I'd happily agree that we're talking about what is an edge case for you and will never be an issue for 99% of your customers. However this is an issue for the 4 of us who have posted and a reply from CM saying basically, 'get another email address', is not helpful.

If you're not planning on tackling this issue, then fine, I can understand why. However, implying that I need to encourage 20,000 subscribers (mostly over the age of 65) to sign up for another email address is not what I would call a useful reply.

tutdeden, 1 year ago

I have the similar case. my company wants to send a birthday wishes email automation to all employee on the day of their birthday. the one problem is for warehouse department they have around 50 employees and have no any personal email. professionally we want send them using one warehouse email address but will personalize only the Name and birthday date. how can we do this using campaignmonitor?


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