Client needs to add table to pre-designed template

I have a client who has expressed the need to add tables to lay out some summary data to the content of emails they're sending. I've set them up with a template but there seems to be no way to add a new table to the editor. Copying and pasting from Word isn't possible, as the "plain text" box pops up whenever I go to paste content. Is there a way to achieve this *without* hand-coding the HTML for the table in the "Source" option?

oduska oduska, 7 years ago

It's not the best way to go about things, but for the time being you could always try this:

- Save out Word document as HTML file ("Web Page, Filtered" - if that option is available for you... I used that option in Word 2007, not sure about 2003...)

- Open up HTML file and copy only the table code.

- Paste table code into Campaign Monitor's "Source" view in the template editor.

You'll probably have to clean up some of the junk HTML that Word adds, but if you used the "Filtered" option it should lower it quite a bit.

- oduska

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

I'd suggest setting up a few different template options to support your clients needs of varied articles, avoiding the need for any coding and addition of tables.

You should also use a repeater table, giving you the option to add or remove multiple tables via the editor. - Everything Email.
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bm-crossmedia bm-crossmedia, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions. As the client is not at all HTML-savvy, and wants to use the editor as a Word-like text editor (which seems to be the point of using it), copying and pasting HTML is not a viable option. The CM text editor tool is able to edit tables once they're integrated, so I just need to know whether/when adding a table is/will be possible.

A repeater table is purely for layout of the message, not a means for a client to add tabular data to the content of a newsletter segment.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

The repeater function can be used in many methods and will repeat the same item multiple times. The way it works is quite simple and all you need to do is setup a simple table that contains all the elements you wish your client to be able to edit. Typically you may have a title, description & image like the example below:

<table width="500" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td width="100">Image</td>
    <td width="10"></td>
    <td width="390"><strong>Title</strong><br />
      Description copy</td>
    <td height="20" colspan="3">(gap between articles)</td>

This example makes use of elements that can all be edited by your client via the editor. Obviously the pasted items can be plain text only but at least it avoids having to format HTML tables. You may also wish to use a repeating table of contents to be on par with your repeating table, but without seeing your email I can only speculate.

Let me know if this still isn’t clear. - Everything Email.
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bm-crossmedia bm-crossmedia, 7 years ago

I think you're mis-understanding what my client needs. I know how repeater tables work but the client doesn't want to be able to alter the structure of the document or add new sections, but add a table of data within one of the content sections.

So, in the example posted by fyredefyre, the content "Description copy" will contain a data table.

It's easy to add paragraphed text elements with styling in this section, but the only way I can see to add a table is to copy and paste HTML code: which I've already mentioned is not a suitable solution, as the client needs to be able to add their own content without using code.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


It isn't possible to add a table via the editor I'm afraid. Your best bet would be to create a more static template with the table already in it (so something like description then repeating table, then description, etc), but that sounds like it wouldn't work for you. There really isn't a better solution at this time though other than manually adding it in via the source (which also wouldn't work for you). I've added in a feature request for adding tables to the editor, if we see more interest it's something we'll certainly consider for future updates but it wouldn't help in the mean time.

Sorry I couldn't give more positive news.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
bm-crossmedia bm-crossmedia, 7 years ago

OK; thanks for the info Diana. We'll give instruction on how to add tables via the Source Code editor for now.

coas50, 7 years ago

I second the need for adding tables using the editor.


aquaman, 7 years ago

Really the best option here would be for campaign monitor to add the ability to add multiple fields to a repeater beyond the limited title, description, image fields. Then you could setup each row of data in a new table with whatever fields you want and the client would not have to worry about any HTML/WYSIWYG formatting horrors.

Wishful thinking!

geeves, 7 years ago

+1 for aquaman's suggestion. As soon as you allow client's the ability to go placing tables within templates, in my opinion, the beauty and simplicity of CM is lost. I am happy with the level of functionality allowed within the WYSIWYG editor at present. It allows emails to maintain clean and consistent layouts as well as enabling people with very little experience to pick up and use CM very quickly.

Here's an example of what I would love to see in a CM repeater tag for a layout of tabular data

    <h2><$title link='true' default='Enter Title Here'$></h2>
            <th>column 1</th>
            <th>column 2</th>
            <th>column 3</th>
                <$description name='field1' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>    
                <$description name='field2' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>
                <$description name='field3' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>

That would be the ultimate method to have repeater tables for me.

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer
tom mcCain, 7 years ago

I echo the request for tables in templates. One of my clients wants to have that option for presenting tabular content about products, and pasting source code is not a viable option for them.

. . / tom mcCain
BThies BThies, 7 years ago

For those needing a table immediately, see my post in this thread:

Brian Thies
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