Update on the continued subscription confirmation problem

Scratch that last post. I was mixing up the Subscription Form that you put on your page with the Confirmation Link that you put in an Email.

I'm still having problems with the Confirmation Link

Gives this Error:

Invalid Email Address 
Sorry, but the email address you supplied was invalid and needs to be fixed.
Go back to the form and make the required changes


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hey presspit,

Just an FYI that I have answered your email that you sent in to support regarding this issue.

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presspit, 7 years ago

I'm at a point where I'm I'm not getting any errors but at the same time... just the name and email is transferring to the new database when the conformation link is clicked... not any of the other 9 custom fields.

Any ideas?

Thanks you've been a lot of help.

fbiz101148, 7 years ago

I to have a problem with the subscribe form and get the error message about the email address being invalid and needs to be fixed. I have tried several different

I have double checked the typing, the format etc and all are Ok. one address was kerry.falconer@bigpond.com
The form is exactly cut and pasted from your site. I have not modified it in any way. I have read all the forum items on this subject so there is obviously an issue with this process.
Can you assist with any suggestions on getting it working

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi fbiz101148,

If you could send an email in to support with the code you're using the and list it's tied to we can take a look for you. The invalid email error is generally caused by the field you're sending the email to not matching the form exactly.

D. Potter
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