Merge CM API with Interspire Email Marketer

Say someone has an Interspire Email Marketer system running on his server but wishes to incorporate CM API to run a fully fledged email marketing service. The concept is simple:


1. is my personal website on which an interspire email marketer is running.

2. My server limits email sending to 200 emails per hours; thus is not suitable for running an email marketing service.

3. I wish to integrate CM API to the interspire email marketing script to use CM as a platform for sending out email.

See the features of interspire email marketer at:


What is required is to gather all information from the personal website and use my CM account to transfer the said information to CM for sending purposes.

Can anyone comment on whether such concept is possible?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hello CloneSolutions, welcome to the forums! Although I don't have any practical experience with Interspire, what you propose (ie. CM integration with Interspire) does sound like a rather difficult and not necessarily feasible solution. As I can't find any examples of such an integration being performed (the consensus is to either use Interspire or CM exclusively), I would recommend either:

1) Migrating your site (and Interspire) to a server or hosting service without this restriction, or
2) Migrating your list to your Campaign Monitor account and using us exclusively

Both Interspire and Campaign Monitor are full-featured email marketing applications, so in theory, you should only need to use one or the other. I apologize if this is not the answer you were desiring, however I'm happy to discuss this further, should you have any questions about our app.

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CloneSolutions, 7 years ago

Hello roshodgekiss,

Thank you for reviewing my post.

Well, you are right to say that both system are full-featured eMarketing Apps. I did not view it that way! :)

CloneSolutions, 7 years ago

Has  campaign monitor even think about changing the pricing structure? Well that question may be out of subject but it may be interesting to develop a new price model for the business.

Say CM develops a price model based on subscribers list rather that a per email fee. So it would come to:

email address in a list     # of emails send     Monthly Fee
1 - 500                               Unlimited                $xxx
500- up                              Unlimited                $xxx

Can CM think about that pricing model one day?
Per email fee costs very high when thinking of sending to a large subscribers list!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi again, we're always taking into consideration changes to our price model, so I've made a note of your suggestion - thanks! I can't confirm any changes as yet, however we'll keep you posted if we make any amends. Keep sending in your feedback, I'm glad I could help earlier :)

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